Solar Batteries


Friebe, Christian; Hager, Martin D.; Mede, Tina; Rösch, Roland; Winsberg, Jan


The aim of the project „Solarbatteries“, which is funded by the TAB, is the research of solarbatteries, i.e. hybrid systems, which consist of a battery and a solar cell. Due to the close linkage of both systems, a novel self-charging storage system is generated. A continuous power supply is possible, the battery can store the energy for the times when the solar cell cannot provide electric current.
These all-in-one systems do not require extensive wiring. Moreover, due to the usage of polymer-based batteries flexible devices are possible. Within the project two different systems will be evaluated:

a) Combination of organic polymer solar cells with polymer batteries.
b) Flexible textile silicon solar cells with polymer batteries. Potential applications of these systems are in the area of smart packaging as well as sensor systems.