Confocal microscopy - ELYRA PS.1 with LSM 880

The ELYRA PS.1 provides two superresolution systems: (i) superresolution structured illumination (SR-SIM) to image fine structural details while remaining free to label your samples with conventional dyes; and (ii) superresolution photoactivated localization microscopy (PALM) for photo-activatable endogenously-expressed fluorescent proteins or synthetic dyes.

Bench-top Autoclave

Systec DX series Autoclave is suitable for all laboratory applications even for sophisticated state-of-the-art sterilization processes. Chamber dimensions (diameter and depth in mm): 260 x 420, Chamber volume in liters total / nominal: 25 / 23, Heating power kW: 2.80




The FC 500 System provides automated tube based acquisition for cell based assays. Utilizing powerful CXP software, investigators can create custom panel reports and perform multiple tube panel based analysis. The automated QC database allows daily monitoring of instrument QC.

Bio Imaging

DNR's breakthrough MF-ChemiBIS family is the most advanced image analysis system in the market for 1D and 2D fluorescent, chemiluminescent, and colorimetric applications. With advanced robotic camera, controlled by the software and motorizes up and down automatically, DNR's new line of imaging systems outperforms the standard zoom lens by a wider field of view, easier and faster operation, and better sensitivity, which all have a direct impact on the results, especially in faint samples. A vibration free technology of a Deep Liquid Cooling Technology cools the camera by liquid to a temperature down to -70ºC. DNR is the first to implement a liquid cooling technology in imaging systems. The technology outperforms all other methods currently in the market and results in better accuracy, longer exposure time (up to 24 hours), minimal dark noise and full stability of the system. The MF-ChemiBIS smart dark chamber is fully automated (camera, iris, focus, filter wheel) and includes DNR's unique Automatic Drawer Detection Technology of the three different drawers (UV, WL, ECL) supplied with the system for an optimal match with the light source and sample. The MF-ChemiBIS family standard with DNR's acquisition software - GelCapture - for complete, automatic control of configuring, capturing and saving sample for analysis in a minimum amount of time.


Six-Sided, Direct Heating Profile, the unique direct-heat profile provides a very gentle convection circulation of chamber atmosphere for exceptionally uniform temperature and incubator environment. This system guards against wide fluctuations in temperature and CO2 that can shock cells, as seen in traditional forced-air culture systems.

Bio Printer

This printer is used for deposition of biological compounds, including enzymes, antibodies, proteins and cells. The printer is a drop-on-demand inkjet printer and can be equipped with nozzles with varying diameters between 30 and 100 µm, which can produce picoliter to sub-nanoliter sized droplets.