The laboratories of the Schubert group are equiped with the most advanced robotic platforms to perform automated synthesis and high throughput experimentation. This in combination with high speed analysis equipment with over 10 LC systems equipped with autosamplers and high throughput extensions, Analytical Ultracentrifuges, automated parallel viscosity meter, GC and GS-MS, Various UV/vis and IR spectrometers equipped with platereaders, RAMAN spectrometer, DLS, Elemental Analysis, MALDI-TOF-TOF and ESI-TOF-MS leads to a nearly perfect work flow. With the power of Batch-, stopped-flow- and continuous feed microwave assisted synthesis (with equipment from Biotage, CEM, Anton Paar and Milestone), inkjet printing, thermal analysis (DSC and Various TGA equipment) and surface analysis such as Nanoindentation, Contact Angle measurement, Confocal Microscopy, AFM, TEM and SEM, the laboratories are to be concidered state of the art.

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